The festivities are now well and truly over, but New Year resolutions are in full swing! If you have chosen to vape instead of smoke for 2019, then we have 5 ways to help you stick to your resolution and keep up one of the most important things you’re likely to do this year.

5 Ways To Keep Your New Year Vaping Resolution

1 - Treat Your E-cig Like A Real Cigarette

When you first start to use your e-cig, you will notice obvious differences between vaping and smoking, from the way e-cigs look to the way they are used, however you should aim to treat your e-cig like you would a real cigarette initially.

By this I mean that you should have it with you at all times, keep the battery charged and use it whenever you have that craving for a cigarette. By making sure that your e-cig is with you, there is no excuse to start thinking about smoking a real cigarette, you just need to reach into your pocket and have a vape instead.

By treating your e-cig as a packet of cigarettes, it can help you to overcome the mental barrier that can make it difficult to quit smoking, as when you get those cravings it can be all too easy to purchase a packet of cigarettes.

2 - Be Prepared To Slip Up

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and there may come a time where you feel that you just need to have a cigarette in order to rid yourself of the intense cravings that are being experienced (like in the morning). If you do happen to slip up and have a cigarette or two don’t panic! You are having much less than you were doing and every cigarette that you don’t smoke is going to be doing you good.

Often when people go back to smoking a cigarette it can make them feel that they have broken their New Year resolution and can result in going back to smoking full time. Instead of feeling like this, think of it another way; you are still vaping and it is ok to have the occasional cigarette during this journey to find freedom from smoking. However you get there, never feel bad that you slipped up and had a cigarette, as each vaping journey is different and you need to find the best way for you to move forward.

3 - Consider Different E-liquids For Nights Out

Going on a night out with friends (particularly those who smoke) can be one of the most challenging times for new vapers, as the urge to smoke often goes hand in hand with drinking. If you feel that you may have difficulty vaping whilst everyone else is smoking, you may want to consider an e-liquid with a stronger nicotine content to keep you away from temptation.

Some people prefer to use nicotine salt e-liquid, which is found in strengths of up to 20mg and can provide a smoother nicotine delivery compared to traditional e-liquids and may help banish those unwanted Saturday night cravings.

4 - Keep Track Of Your Days Without A Cigarette

Time flies, and before you know it you may have been smoke-free for six months or more! By keeping track of the days you have had without any cigarettes you can keep yourself motivated, not to mention see how well you have done.

Every day you do not smoke, your body is healing the damage caused by smoking, from your lung function, taste, smell and fitness, there are plenty of reasons to keep track of your cigarette-free days. The more days you tick off smoke-free, the more motivated you will become to keep it that way and unshackle yourself from the chains of smoking.

5 - Talk About Your Vaping Journey With Others

Quitting smoking through vaping is a big achievement. If you are doing well, then sharing your vaping journey with friends and family (smokers or not) could actually serve to boost your resolve by gaining the support from those that matter most.

By sharing your experience, you can also help to spread awareness about the benefits of vaping to a wider audience, perhaps to those work colleagues who may only have seen the barrage of negativity presented within the media. You may also know others who are wanting to quit smoking by vaping, and you could help them by talking about how e-cigarettes have helped you to quit, or significantly reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke.

No matter where your vaping journey takes you, The Electronic Cigarette Company is here to help you at whichever stage you may be at. We will always do what we can to ensure that you are able to stick to those New Year resolutions and offer friendly help and advice so you can finally find freedom from smoking.

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