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  • JUUL Pods x 4

    A variety of nicotine salt flavours


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About JUUL Pods

JUUL Pods, which, also known as JUULpods, are prefilled vape pods that contain JUULsalts e-liquid, which uses nicotine found within the tobacco leaf, often considered to deliver vapers an experience that can closely mimic the sensation of smoking. The pods simply click onto the JUUL battery device and are ready to be vaped right away for convenience. Coming in a range of flavours, JUUL Pods are available in packs of 4, with each pod containing 0.7ml of e-liquid in 1.7% (17mg) nicotine strength.

JUUL Pods are known as a 'closed system' which means that the e-liquid is already prefilled inside ready to go. This type of system offers vapers the ultimate in convenience, and helps to eliminate the risk of leakage sometimes associated with regular e-cigarette tanks. Due to this, vaping on the JUUL vape pod kit is incredibly simple and requires only the battery and JUUL Pod to begin vaping quickly and hassle-free. 

Once the JUUL Pod has reached the end of its usability (meaning that the liquid inside has run out), simply remove the expired pod and replace with a new one to begin vaping right away, no need to wait for coils to prime. 

The Electronic Cigarette Company offers the full range of JUUL Pod flavours, including those usually found exclusively at retailers such as Alpine Berry and Rich Tobacco.