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Aspire SLX Vape Pods x 3

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The Aspire SLX pods offer a high level of convenience. With a 2ml capacity, 1.3ohm ceramic coil and a handy magnetic connection, the SLX pods are great for every day vaping with your Aspire SLX vape pod kit. A leak resistant design utilises Aspire’s CBS (Cotton Barrier System) which helps to seal the liquid in place, even during long journeys or when transported within a pocket or bag.

The e-liquid within each SLX pod contains a 2.0% (20mg/ml) nic salt formulation, which requires fewer puffs to keep cravings at bay. 6 flavours are available which include: Arctic Watermelon, Crema, Frost, Honey Dipped Tobacco, Mango and Tobacco. The SLX pods cater to virtually any vaper, and cost just £1.50 per ml of e-liquid, which is half the price of other competitors such as the JUUL (£3.03 per ml).

The More You Buy The More You Save: Buy two or more packs of pods and receive a 5% discount. Buy five or more packs of pods and receive a 10% discount.

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The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers

Aspire SLX Vape Pods x 3

What’s In The Box

Kit Contents

  • 3 x Aspire SLX pods


  • Arctic Watermelon - Juicy watermelon with a cooling menthol.
  • Crema - A sweet, smooth and creamy flavour.
  • Frost - An icy cold menthol, ideal for those who prefer a chilled vape.
  • Honey Dipped Tobacco - Rich and earthy tobacco with hints of sweet honey.
  • Mango - Exotic mango that is bursting with flavour.
  • Classic Tobacco - A classic tobacco flavour, ideal for those who want something similar to smoking.