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Please read our website Terms and Conditions for our 18+ policy…

Please read our website Terms and Conditions for our 18+ policy. .


Keep cartridges and fluid out of reach from children. Nicotine in its…

Keep cartridges and fluid out of reach from children. Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm. All nicotine cartridges and fluid must be kept in a safe place and away from children, as the amount of nicotine in a cartridge, if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm and medical assistance should be sought.

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Mix Your Own E-liquid


Mix Your Own E-Liquid

Our sister company Totally Wicked developed the concept of allowing electronic cigarette users to create and mix their own fluids in order to satisfy an increasing demand for new flavours and customers preference for their e-liquid.  TECC is proud to offer Totally Wicked’s unique and internationally unrivalled ‘mix your own’ e-liquid products. Everything you will ever need from fluids to storage and dispensing bottles can be found here in our ‘mix your own’ section.

Mixing your own e-liquid can appear a little daunting at first, however, mixing your own e-liquid is relatively simple and once you understand the component parts and their role in making the e-liquid, the rest is fairly easy. The possibilities in terms of flavour and tailoring your e-liquid are endless and only limited by your imagination.



E-liquid Mixing Kits



Nicotine Solutions


E-liquid flavour concentrates


Diluents and Accessories

What does it entail? 

To put it simply, mixing your own e-liquid requires 4 base fluids; nicotine solution, flavour concentrate and two diluents, mixed together in the correct ratio to produce the e-liquid flavour and strength that you require. The nicotine solution mixed with the diluent creates the strength and the addition of the flavour concentrate adds the desired taste. All that is needed is some simple measuring of the right volumes of each ingredient; a bit of mixing and you are set.

Here you can download our full mixing guide.

By following our simple mixing guidelines anybody can create their own tailor made e-liquid and take full charge of their vaping experience. Mixing your own liquid is economical, easy and satisfying.

The Gold Standard is a range that has been developed and made by our sister company Totally Wicked in their own UK facility. It uses only the finest quality UK sourced flavours, and is produced using all current GMP Standards (good manufacturing processes) to assure you of quantity and consistency.