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Cancer Research UK Recommends Vaping as Quitting Method


Each year in the UK around 100,000 people die from a smoking related illness. This month people up and down the country will try and quit smoking in the hope they will kick the habit for good.

This year the advice being given out to smokers looks different, as it has the inclusion of e-cigarettes as a valid way to quit traditional tobacco.

There are almost three million vapers currently in the UK and a recent study found that an additional 18,000 smokers could have been helped by vaping, if they had been advised of electronic cigarettes.

Cancer Research UK has released an article with success stories from two former smokers who have used vaping as a tool to quit traditional tobacco, with both of them stopping completely, these e-cigarettes were obtained through a stop smoking service.

“18,000 smokers could have been helped if advised about e-cigs”

Dr Joanna Miler from a stop smoking service said, “The great thing about e-cigarettes is we can consider them another tool when we’re creating a tailored stopping plan for each individual person. For people who’ve tried other options before and not succeeded they can be really appealing, or those who have a strong behavioural link with the action of smoking. To break the habit, we often recommend people start on a particular level of nicotine and then reduce it over time. You can get e-cigarettes with zero nicotine in them, and sometimes these work to transition people away from tobacco too.”

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) recommend support for people vaping as a method of quitting.

Smoking tobacco is the most harmful way that people can get their nicotine fix”

Says Dr Miler, “…if people have tried other medications that haven’t worked for them and they’re still smoking, we would definitely recommend people switch to e-cigarettes.

“The most important thing is to stop using tobacco, and offering e-cigarettes as part of a quit attempt can be a really helpful way to do so. Nothing is 100% effective, but we’ve supported lots of people to stop smoking using an e-cigarette at our local Stop Smoking Service.”

Even with all this positive data, keeping in mind that electronic cigarettes are over 60% more successful than going cold turkey, some stop smoking service providers are refusing to endorse electronic cigarettes and will not provide support to smokers who would prefer to vape, instead guiding them towards traditional nicotine replacement therapies.

13th October 2016, 10:31