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Non smoker tries vaping for a month and does not become addicted.

Non smoker tries vaping for a month without being addicted

A BBC programme, due to air this week has Doctor and TV presenter and confirmed never smoker Michael Mosley, vaping for an entire month.

Writing about his experiment in the Times, he states that when he was first asked to do this, his reaction was a profound ‘no’. But “Then I thought about it a bit. I was worried that if I took it up I might get addicted (Id never smoked), but I was also curious. What would it be like? What effect would it have on me? There has been a huge surge in the use of e-cigarettes over the past couple of years, yet very few studies on the effects of vaping on non-smokers. Time, I decided, to do one, with me as the subject.”

Mosley underwent a raft of tests, and then invested in what he called a ‘geeky’ device. It seems that what concerned him most was getting addicted to the nicotine.

He wasn’t concerned about the short term health effects. He likened the experience of vaping to having a strong cup pf coffee, and said “Blowing smoke was also fun, in an adolescent sort of way, though my friends and family were not impressed.”

He continues, “What I was far more concerned about was getting hooked on nicotine. Yet as the weeks went by and I puffed away, nothing happened. When I leapt out of bed I didnt feel a longing to reach for my machine. If anything I struggled to keep up with my schedule. Once the novelty had worn off it became a bit of a chore.”

You can watch the show Horizon: E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? at 9.30pm on Sunday, on BBC Two
19th May 2016, 10:52