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New study finds persistent benefits switching to e cigarettes for those with Asthma that smoke.

The Royal College of Physicians released 200 page report on e-cigs

Many smokers with Asthma continue to smoke, despite the harms to their lungs, yet a new research report by Dr Polosa and his team, published in Discovery Medicine finds that those that now vape instead of smoke, show that “Significant improvements in respiratory symptoms and lung function have been consistent”

The study was a retrospective one, over 24 months, and was admittedly small, with only 16 participants in the final count, however the findings are promising.

The Nicotine Science and Policy online journal write about the new research and state,

 “switching to daily use of electronic cigarettes may ameliorate clinical, functional and therapeutic outcomes for many asthma patients who smoke and that beneficial effects persist in the long-term. According to the researchers, the use of electronic cigarettes can even reverse the damage caused by tobacco smoke in asthma patients who smoke. Of note, deterioration in methacholine PC20, lung function, ACQ scores and exacerbation rates was noted in the two patients who relapsed to exclusive tobacco smoking.

Quitting smoking is an essential step for asthma patients, crucial for the effective treatment of their disease. However, it is not always easy for them. In these cases, a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking can be a valid option. This evidence-based notion that substitution of conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is unlikely to raise significant respiratory concerns can improve counselling between physicians and their asthmatic patients, who are using or intend to use electronic cigarettes.”

23rd May 2016, 15:00