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American anti vaping crusader arrives in Europe.

US anti vaping crusader arrives in Europe

A prominent anti vaping and tobacco control advisor from the USA made a visit to Austria last month, and his presentation has caused quite a stir here in Britain.

The advisor spoke at the Austrian Academy of Sciences Tobacco Control: Big Fast Benefits.   His presentation was almost diametrically opposed to the report from the Royal College of Physicians, with the advisor stating -  E-cigarettes, which are often presented as harm reduction alternatives to conventional cigarettes are reducing quitting, expanding the youth nicotine market, and likely prolonging the tobacco epidemic.

Clive Bates, a former Director from ASH discusses the advisor’s presentation in some detail on his blog, and indeed the italicized quote is taken from there. It appears that the advisor has used questionable methods to arrive at his conclusions, methods that have been refuted both sides of the pond, and it appears that the advisor’s entire presentation was based on some spurious interpretations of science.

Clive Bates explains fully the faults from the American advisor and invites him to the UK, where he could meet and discuss e-cigarettes with the Royal College of Physicians, Public Health England, the team that run the Smoking Tool Kit. Plus, he could pop in and spend time at the UK National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, where he might learn some actual truths about e –cigarettes and their role in millions switching away from tobacco.

One can only hope he accepts, and as Clive has stated, he hasn’t done too much harm in Austria.

12th May 2016, 14:01