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UK Stop Smoking Services Issue Positive Vaping Guidelines for Their Staff.

UK Stop Smoking Services Issue Positive Vaping Guidelines for Their Staff.

This week has seen the publication of new guidance for smoking cessation services, from the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT).

The guidelines have been warmly welcomed by vapers and vaping advocate groups, as finally it seems those in positions of influence are taking on board the positive aspects of vaping.

Writing quite an interesting post regarding the NCSCT guidelines, one vaping advocate sees this as yet more ‘sacred cows’ being done away with, as the guidelines deal head on with several of the criticisms that are usually levelled at e-cigarettes.

E-liquid is described as a product one needs to be responsible with, but not frightened of, and is likened to household cleaning products. There are suggestions to talk to experienced vapers, to learn from them and engage with them. There are suggestions on how to discuss e-cigarettes, and advice to choose words that convey a positive message such as: “We can’t supply them, but we can certainly offer the extra support that will help you stop smoking if you buy your own e-cigarette.”

But probably the most favourite phrases are that NCSCT is a stop smoking service, not a stop nicotine service and that there is no evidence that vaping leads to the renormalisation of smoking.

Public Health England has come out in support of vaping, NCSCT are being as supportive as they can, and it seems as if all the advocating and communication by many vapers is starting to pay off.

3rd March 2016, 15:51