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Is Finland Considering the Most Draconian Vaping Legislation to Date?


The inclusion of e-cigarettes within the Tobacco Products Directive was done, so we were told, was to create EU harmonisation of the legislation for them. 

Yet it appears that Finland is taking extra measures with e-cigarettes and could be in the running for producing the most draconian legislation to date. 

A recent blog post from a writer that is following vaping in Finland, explains just what is in the proposals so far, and it is not pleasant reading.

With e-liquid, the only flavour to be allowed is tobacco, across the board. This includes non-nicotine e-liquid. 

No Internet sales, either cross border or domestic. 

No sales to under 18’s, and no under 18 may sell e cigarettes. An employee must be present the entire time the transaction takes place. 

If vapers import e-liquid, they can only import 10mls at a time if there are no warnings in Finnish or Swedish. 

A sales permit is required to sell e-cigarettes, there is a ban on all point of sale material, and if you want an e-cig from a vape shop, you have to buy from a catalogue that has been hidden from view.  You cannot vape in the vape shop, you cannot vape anywhere smoking is prohibited, and if your home is a council house, then you may not be able to vape there either. 

The Finnish government according to the post are using the typical arguments to back up their decisions, but if you are a vaper in Finland, things are not looking good.

31st March 2016, 11:47