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What does a Brexit mean for UK Vapers?


Vapers all over the country turned out on June 23rd 2016 to vote leave with the hopes that the Tobacco Products Directive and Article 20 would be abolished. But what effect will a Brexit have on UK vapers and the e-cigarette industry?

The short answer is nothing…and no plans for change!

The TPD is already being implemented as we speak. The UK leaving the EU will have no immediate impact on Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive. What it might do is actually make any further negotiations between the UK and the EU more difficult, as we may not be taken as seriously in future discussions.

A bitter pill to swallow as a lot of vapers voted on the assumption that leaving the EU would mean the TPD will be no more in the UK. With the UK disengaging from the EU and the task of looking through laws implemented over the past 40 years being a monumental one that may take years to complete, the TPD is likely to be at the bottom of that very big pile.

What all vapers can agree on is that the e-cigarette industry needs regulation

...and vaping companies and vapers need to be protected from questionable traders who give our industry a bad name. Not at the current level that the TPD lays out, but regulation is needed none the less.

Although we have a lot of uncertainties at this time, what we do know is that the UK faces an interesting time ahead.

30th June 2016, 14:18