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COP7 Conference to be Presented with WHO Report on E-cigs


The World Health Organization will present their latest findings regarding electronic cigarettes to tobacco control leaders at the COP7 conference in November.

Under discussion will be the “control and prevention of globally emerging products” and following the WHO report, recommendations may be issued regarding e-cigarette regulation. Traditionally sceptical towards e-cigarettes it is understood that the recommendations put forward will include a restriction on vaping in public, a ban on advertising and even prohibition of e-cigarettes.

Although these are guidelines and not binding to members, WHO have a strong influence on what policy is put in place.

Their attitude towards vaping can only be harmful going forward, continuing to ‘tar’ electronic cigarettes and similar devices with the same brush as traditional tobacco cigarettes. With 5 months between now and the conference, we can only speculate on what the outcome will be, but for countries with a vaping market that is only just emerging, any potential recommendations could have an extremely negative impact going forward.

13th June 2016, 15:43