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Cancer Researcher and Cancer Survivor Set-up E-cigarette Shop Together


Two men from Burton have joined forces to open an e-cigarette shop, but their journey to do so is quite unusual. 

Graham Edkins is a cancer survivor, and Dr Robert Lees is a cancer specialist. Both smoked, and neither could move away from tobacco, despite their experiences and undoubted knowledge, and several attempts to do so. 

But then e-cigarettes came into their lives, they actually met in an e-cigarette shop, became friends and then last year took the decision to start their own shop because of the success that they have had with them.  

The Burton Mail, picking up on the story write, ‘Both were smoking 30 a day, in between giving lectures about cancer research or receiving cancer treatment’. 

They were spending more on cigarettes than they were on the mortgage.

Graham said: It sounds stupid to say that I smoked when I had throat cancer, but of the people who have it, about 40 per cent of them are still smokers. That just illustrates how difficult it is to quit – its as addictive as heroin. E-cigarettes were just coming on the market then, in 2003, but when I got an e-cigarette that was it. 

Robert said of his work in the shop: We had one family all stop together – four kids, all on a packet a day. Dad was on 30 a day and so was Mum.
They did the usual putting the money they saved in a tin, but within a week they said this isnt good enough, we need a bank account. Within a few weeks they had booked a holiday. They were spending more on cigarettes than they were on the mortgage.

2nd June 2016, 9:45