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Welsh E-Cigarettes on Prescription


The Welsh Government have fought hard to have e-cigarettes banned in public and enclosed public places, but thankfully sense has prevailed to a degree, and the Welsh Government have been forced to compromise. 

The ban may now only be implemented where food is being served and where children are present or nearby. However, Welsh Vapers could soon find themselves in a tricky situation, where they are not allowed to vape in public, but the very e-cigarette they are using has been prescribe by their GP. 

Currently there is no medicalised e-cigarette available, though British American Tobacco, the makers of such cigarettes as Dunhill and Rothmans have a medical licence for their e-cigarette. The irony of this situation will not be lost on readers, where Wales now has a potential medical quit aid for nicotine provided by a tobacco company, in a country where the government is concerned about the possible harms of cigarettes. 

According to the Medical Health Regulating Agency website, the BAT e-cigarette is approved as an aid to “smokers wishing to quit or reduce prior to quitting” and to “assist smokers who are unwilling or unable to smoke, and as a safer alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them.”It is also licenced for “pregnant and lactating women making a quit attempt.” 

It must be noted that the BAT licenced e-cigarette model is a ciga-like and is around 4 years old technology wise. This raises questions as to the reality of any harms of vaping, and/or the validity of the medical licence, if such a basic model can pass a medical licence.

11th January 2016, 12:28