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The WHO Wants Films Portraying Smokers to Get Adult Rating.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) is pushing for adult ratings in light of a recent tobacco control report. 

This new report, coming from the WHO’s tobacco free initiative group, shows that there has been an increase in the number of scenes that portray smoking. 

Dr Armando Peruga of the WHO TFI states, “We saw for a while a decrease in the tobacco incidences in films and other entertainment productions.
“But based on what we monitored, we saw in 2013-14 a turning point – a picking-up of the number of tobacco scenes.
“The tobacco industry has been looking at alternatives to promote their products and film is the last frontier for tobacco companies.
“In some films, the percentage of tobacco scenes is far greater than you would see in the society in which the film is set.” 

The reason for the request to change the rating is that 4 out of 10 teens that take up smoking allegedly do so because they see someone smoking in a movie. Taking these figure as true, the CDC estimated that 6 million teens took up smoking as a result of watching movies in 2014. 

One has to wonder whether the WHO will call for e-cigarettes to be included in this increase of rating, even the ones that do not look like tobacco cigarettes. Judging from the hysteria that surrounded Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at an award ceremony, one wouldn’t be surprised.  

The WHO had asked for a similar change in 2009, though were ignored by the film industry.

5th February 2016, 15:49