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Did Anti Vapers Inadvertently Help Overturn Anti Vaping Laws in Sweden?


E-cigarettes in Sweden have been ruled as non-medicinal products, and as such are no longer banned. 

The Swedish, who up till now had regarded e-cigarettes as medicinal, are going to have to look at implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive. Whether or not they decide to gold plate it, i.e. go above the main requirements remains to be seen. 

This is a welcomed move for Swedish vapers, as e-cigarettes have been banned since 2013 when the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) declared the sale of nicotine vaping products (e-cigarettes and e-liquids) that it considered as medicines, illegal.  

But how the ban was overturned was surprising… 

The court decided that e-cigarettes are not medicinal products, as they do not help people to quit smoking. A vape shop called The Trade Team brought the court case and argued against e-cigarettes being a cessation product, citing many research articles that argue more research is required in this area, and that the e-cigarettes do not prevent or treat a disease.  They also argued that the devices are not supplied with information on how to be used as a smoking cessation product; their function is purely recreational. 

The court therefore ruled, “the use of the device in Sweden did not demonstrate sufficient efficiency for smoking cessation and that its use was rather as a “healthier stimulant than tobacco cigarettes“.

19th February 2016, 13:46