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FAQs on Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016


With the implementation date of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) approaching fast, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.


E-liquid Questions

What will be the biggest size bottle I can buy (pre-mixed)?

10ml will be the largest size of bottle in which we can supply nicotine-containing fluid (i.e. e-liquid).  We will continue to stock larger bottles as late as we can into the period Nov 2016 - May 2017, but we have to stop making or importing them by 20th November 2016, and selling them by 20th May 2017.

Will you charge more for the 10ml pre-mixed bottles?

No, we will try to keep our pricing structure as close to current as we can.

What strength of pre-mixed liquid will I be able to get?

The limit on nicotine strength is 2.0% nicotine (20mg/ml), and it will be an offence under new regulations to sell any higher strength e-liquids from May 2017. 

Are you concerned that the lack of nicotine strength will affect heavy smokers/vapers?

Very much so.  As the Government will not to allow higher strength fluids to be supplied, we will do our very best to ensure high nicotine strength vapers are helped to find devices that allow them to continue to vape as an alternative to smoking.  Talk to our Customer Service Team if you are concerned about this – they will be able to help.

Will all flavours still be available?

We have no plans to reduce our flavour range because of regulatory requirements, and will continue to launch exciting new flavours at a very similar rate to that we have achieved in the past.

Do liquids that do not contain nicotine have to state ‘contains nicotine’ on the label?

No, but potentially devices that don’t contain nicotine will require such health warnings.  We are opposed to this, as we believe it to be misleading.

Does menthol cigarettes being banned mean we won’t be able to buy/use menthol e-liquids?

In the UK we expect to continue to sell menthol flavoured e-liquids for the foreseeable future.  German vapers appear to be the only ones that are threatened by a “menthol ban”.

Are bottles bigger than 10ml going to be illegal?

If they contain nicotine, they can no longer be legally sold.  So effectively that’s a “yes”.

Will it be more expensive to buy liquid?

Our intention is for prices to stay much as they are at present, although we are awaiting the Government’s view on what constitutes a discount for multiple pack purchases.

I make quite a saving on multi pack deals, especially 20ml & 30ml multipacks.  Will the 10ml multipack pricing reflect the savings on 20ml & 30ml?

We will keep the prices as low as we reasonably can, but it is unlikely we will be allowed to give the depth of discount that we currently give on 20ml and 30ml multipacks.  We await further Government guidance.

Tank/Product Questions

Will I still be able to buy large tanks?

The UK Government’s current position on this is that tanks larger than 2ml should be phased out by 20th May 2017. 

If I buy a 3.5ml tank now, will I still be able to use it after the change date?

Yes, you may continue to use it as long as you like.  If it’s an Odyssey Tank we will honour the 5 year warranty whatever happens with regulations.

Can I still buy atomizers/coils for the larger tanks I bought from you before the new regs came in?

We will continue to support all existing products with consumables and spare parts for as long as there is demand.  We expect many of the reduced capacity products to use exactly the same atomizer heads as the larger tanks already in circulation.

Will I still be able to purchase products to re-build my own coils?

Yes.  As long as there is demand for coil building materials, and regulations allow us to, we will continue to stock them.

Is there any way around the 2ml or less tanks size?

Lots of them, but as a law abiding company we will not use subterfuge to undermine legally binding regulations. 

Will I still be able to buy batteries and such?

The new regulations do not restrict devices that do not contain nicotine in any way.  Batteries and power devices will still be freely available.

Is there any point buying coil builders as they will be obsolete in a few months?

If you like building your own coils, continue to do so.  RBA/RDA/RTA devices might end up with some restrictions due to new regulations, and this is still unclear, but there will be no restriction on continuing to use a device you already own.

Will there be a limit on what devices can do, i.e. will it be basic kits or will you still stock temp control devices/variable voltage etc?

No limit whatsoever.  Aside from the proposed tank capacity limit, we expect e-cigarette technology to continue to develop with no restriction.


Mixing Questions

When the regulations come into force will you still sell flavour concentrates and diluents?

We will continue to sell a full range of concentrates and diluents for as long as there is a demand.  We don’t expect very much to change aside from nicotine strength availability. 

I am concerned about being able to buy nicotine. What can you do to help?

We will ensure our higher strength nicotine fluids are available as late into the transition period as we possibly can, but new regulations dictate that we will no longer be allowed to sell Platinum Ice or Titanium Ice in any size of bottle.  We will continue to sell unflavoured fluids in the highest strengths that we are allowed to by law.

When the new law come into full effect in 2017 will you still be able to sell the 20ml flavour concentrate bottles that are used for mixing my own e-liquid?

Yes we will, and we intend to do so.

When do you plan to withdraw TI & PI nicotine?

As the law stands, we are not allowed to manufacture any Titanium Ice or Platinum Ice for UK consumption after November 19th 2016.  We can continue to sell until May 2017, and will endeavour to make sufficient to take us as close as possible to that date before we sell out.

What will be the availability of PG VG AG and concentrates?

These will continue to be available in all container sizes currently stocked.

What will happen with mixing your own liquid?

Good question.  We don’t think it is going to go away, but the maximum nicotine strength available will be 2.0% (20mg/ml), and the maximum bottle size 10ml.  It seems likely that mixing your own will be generally done in mixes of around 30ml for many, but those that want to make their own flavour combinations will still be able to do so.

How long do we have left to purchase current items, such as mixing kits?

Hard to put an exact time on this.  We are relatively confident that we will have a full range of products due for discontinuation into February, but much later than that and there will be a danger of us going out of stock of some lines to be ready for full compliance in May.

Will you still stock a variety of flavours?


Will you introduce new flavours in the Gold Standard range?



Price questions

Will tax be added making my liquid much dearer to buy?

Not as part of this tranche of new regulation.  The question of excise on e-liquids and vaping devices has not yet been discussed at Government level.  At some point, it will be, but we hope for a sensible outcome.

Will prices of liquid/hardware increase as a result of regulations?

No.  Our intention is to absorb the costs without any price increases.  So far it seems that we can achieve this.

Should we stock up on liquid now before the government put a tax on it?

Not because of any worries about tax, but if you are keen to mix your own, it would be a good idea to stock up on nicotine solutions while they are still freely available in higher concentrations.  Just make sure you keep them somewhere safe, where children or pets are not going to be able to get to them.


EU questions

Does the Brexit vote mean that the regulations are going to be withheld?

No.  We are still subject to EU regulations on e-cigarettes for a minimum of 2 years.

Will the new rules be overturned once we have left the E.U?

Potentially, but no faster than any other existing laws will be changed.  We do not expect any great or sudden changes in the law.

Will there be any alterations to the rules and regs now we are leaving the EU?

We are lobbying for some changes.  The UK leaving the EU has in some ways made this more challenging, and in others a little easier.  In short, it’s a political situation in which we are low in the pecking order despite being significantly threatened by regulation in some areas.

Did the term e-cigarettes (association with cigarettes) strengthen the case for the TPD?

Impossible to say, as without that term, it is unlikely that the vaping revolution would have had such great success in providing a practical alternative to combustible cigarettes. 



Are batteries effected by the TPD regulations?



To keep up to date with the latest TRPR news, visit our vaping regulations page.

25th August 2016, 10:56