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Totally Wicked Logo Causing a Stir in Kent

Totally Wicked vape shop opens with logo that offends

A new Totally Wicked shop that has recently opened in Maidstone Kent, is causing quite a stir with its eye catching logo.

Cllr Fay Gooch (Ind) has complained to Maidstone Borough Council that the grinning devil is unpleasant and could pose a distraction for drivers.

One local resident has launched a petition calling for the Totally Wicked Vape shop to ban people from using e-cigarettes outside the shop, at any time, as she has concerns regarding the proximity of the shop to a nearby school.

Yet when looking at the comments that locals have left on, it seems that this might be a few people making a noise about something many do not find offensive. The comments are mainly positive, and are more surprised at the ‘outrage’ to the logo.

Respondents to the article state: 

“The thing that strikes me about this is the amount of officials involved in such a trivial issue. Its not surprising we are being taxed at such penal levels if we are being forced to pay for all these time wasters to mince about fussing over a sign.”

“Not liking something is subjective. Someone wanting to contribute to the local economy, even if you are not their target market, isnt and should be applauded and encouraged.”

“Those who have complained should probably get a life .... theres far more important things in the world to worry about than a red shop sign/face.”

Please note the TW logo is not a devil, but a Joker, and recent research confirms that children are not being lured into smoking via vaping.

18th April 2016, 15:28