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MP Gloria De Piero Talks E-cigarettes


We are used to Labour MPs dismissing e-cigarettes, or as in the case of the TPD and more recently in Wales, actively encouraging draconian legislation for them. 

So it was a breath of fresh air to read Gloria De Piero in the Sun newspaper, where she states, “the bigger risk, based on knee-jerk, nanny-state Government warnings of restrictions, bans or new taxes, is that smokers who could potentially use e-cigs as an alternative are being discouraged.” 

Gloria started her ‘smoking career’ at the age of 13, and she managed to stop only recently with the help of e-cigarettes. 

But Gloria doesn’t simply focus on the alleged health benefits of switching in her article, she mentions the financial gains too, writing, “As an MP, I’m on a very decent salary, so I could afford to spend a tenner a day on fags. But I can get the same amount of smoke breaks from an e-cig for about 50p.

“That’s why this isn’t just an issue of health but also social justice.

Smoking rates are typically 20 times higher among adults in lower-paid, manual jobs than among their higher-paid professional equivalents, which is why tobacco tax is one of the most regressive. Without knowing it, so many ordinary households also slip below the official poverty line when the statisticians include how much they spend on smoking.”

14th April 2016, 10:02