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It’s all in the maths with e-cigarettes?


A news article this week in is claiming that smoking is still cheaper than vaping. 

They state that a recent study, taking in over 45 countries found that in 44 of them, it was cheaper to smoke. They also found that the belief that vaping is cheaper, is erroneously leading regulators to want to tax e-cigs. 

They write, “The researchers found that on average, the price of a pack of combustible tobacco cigarettes was just over half the price of a disposable e-cigarette ($5.00 and $8.50, respectively). They also found that while the liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes can cost a couple of dollars less than a pack of regular cigarettes, the minimum price to purchase a rechargeable e-cigarette to use this liquid nicotine is more than $20. The rechargeable e-cigarettes preferred by most daily e-cigarette users cost even more.” 

The authors of the study appear not to understand how vaping works… 

And yes the initial outlay may be more expensive than smoking, but in the long term the cost of vaping is far cheaper, as many vapers will attest to. Plus you cannot compare a deposable e-cigarette to a packet of tobacco cigarettes. 

However, the issue of taxation should have more to do with harm reduction, rather than price comparison, and taxing a product that is less harmful than tobacco and is helping millions, based on the price is plain wrong.

4th April 2016, 9:36