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Britons Spent 800 Million GBP on Vape Products in 2015


From 340 vape shops in 2012 to now over 1500, vaping is absolutely main stream. So writes the Economist in a recent article that tries to explain many aspects of vaping. 

Quoting information from Euromoniter, a research firm, the Economist “estimates that Britons spent around £800m ($1.2 billion) on “vaping products” in 2015, up from £50m in 2011. The French, by contrast, spent only £290m and the Germans £230m. Analysts reckon the British love e-cigarettes mainly because they are cheap; heavy taxes make ordinary cigarettes in Britain among the most expensive in the world. Vaping can cost 90% less a month for someone used to smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day.” 

This money saving, the Economist believes, may also explain why there are more vape shops in poorer areas, mainly in the North of the UK. Vapers keep warmer as they can vape indoors (more relevant in the frozen north?) and that vaping can often lead to unexpected quitting of tobacco, by many who had no intention of doing so. 

The interesting part of the article for us in the independent vaping Industry is their reference to Big Tobacco, and how the Tobacco Products Directive will actually favour them.

They write, “EU regulations due to come into effect next month limit the size of the nicotine hit in e-cigarettes and make them more childproof. The new framework should encourage big tobacco firms’ forays into the market since they will be well placed to deal with the extra bureaucracy. That could lead to simpler, more elegant products to lure smokers put off by the current technicolour offerings. Good news for smokers’ families, bad news for tax receipts and the Treasury.”

11th April 2016, 9:47