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E-cigarettes now used by 1 in 20 Scotts.


A recent Scottish survey of 4’700 adults and 1’700 children, found that not only did 1 in 20 Scots use an e-cig, but that the highest usage was for those aged 35-64.

The survey also found that 50% of current smokers reported ever using an e-cigarette, with 14% of ex regular smokers ever having used an e-cigarette.

Quoted in the Herald Scotland Online paper, Diarmid Campbell-Jack, research director at ScotCen Social Research said, These findings confirm that e-cigarettes are being used by a small, but not insignificant proportion of people in Scotland with one in every 20 saying that they currently use electronic cigarettes.

It’s important that the role of e-cigarettes isn’t over estimated, particularly until more is known about their long term consequences, however the more that we see a decline in usage of tobacco cigarettes the better for the future of health in Scotland.

Maureen Watt, Minister for Public Health in Scotland, also commented on the findings, saying:

Further research on the health impacts of e-cigarettes on both users and bystanders is needed, and we will continue to monitor evidence.

However, current evidence suggests e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco and if using them helps smokers quit entirely then that is to be welcome.”

24th September 2015, 14:46