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Are parents irresponsible with their e-liquid?


Despite the recent positive Public Health England report regarding vaping, one of the UK’s tabloid papers has stuck to their schizophrenic attitude toward e-cigarettes and led with an article that states – ‘one in three parents risks poisoning their children with nicotine, because they fail to lock up their e-liquid.’

The research regarding parental responsibility and e-liquid took place in the USA. In the USA there have been no mandatory regulations for childproof caps on e-liquids, though the FDA has recently brought in some legislation regarding this.  The researchers found that e-liquid is generally stored in cupboards and draws, with 13% of those asked leaving e-liquid on open counter tops.

What is interesting about the article is that it doesn’t give any comparisons of comparable risks, such as to drugs or toxic household products, which according to poison centre statistics cause far higher incidents of harm to children than e-liquid. Nor was there any mention of the fact that here in the UK childproof caps for e-liquid have been used since 2009.

There is no doubt that parents should act responsibly, especially with e-liquid and keep it firmly out of reach for children and pets. However, the fact that there has only been one tragic death globally, attributed to a child drinking e-liquid from a bottle that did not have a childproof cap on, and was left open and within easy reach of a toddler, surely is testament to just how careful parents are? Millions of vapers use e-liquid globally, and to tar one third of them as irresponsible seems grossly unfair.



3rd September 2015, 14:34