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Survey Can’t Find a Single Vaper That Has Never Smoked


There’s an e-cig war currently raging in the Welsh Assembly, between those that want to ban vaping in public and enclosed public spaces, and those that don’t.

The Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford very much wants to ban, so much so that according to Wales online, he won’t even accept the findings of a Welsh Health Survey.

They write “the survey asked regular users of vaping devices if they had previously been tobacco users - and almost every single respondent said yes.

The statistics have led the Liberal Democrats to claim they undermine health minister Mark Drakeford’s argument that e-cigarettes act as a gateway to smoking. But the Welsh Government has dismissed those comments.”

The main thrust of Mr Drakeford’s arguments for a ban are that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking and they will encourage non smokers to smoke, and, as a result, re-normalise smoking. The evidence for these has been consistently refuted, but Mr Drakeford is not changing his mind.

This was very evident during the Health and Social Care Committee meeting that was held on the 21st of October this year. Mr Drakeford stated again that he was not prepared to take the risk of them being a gateway in the future, even though they are not now.

Kirsty William, a LibDem AM said, “The Welsh Labour Ministers must be pretty embarrassed that their own report is undermining their own argument for a vaping ban.

“It’s about time they listened to the evidence, and the thousands of people who have supported the Welsh Lib Dems’ campaign against their proposed ban, and scrapped these illiberal and illogical proposals.”

22nd October 2015, 10:09