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Are Some Vaping Advocates Playing Political Games?


Could it be that playing it safe and being politically correct is actually the wrong thing to do when it comes to vaping?

This question is raised in relation to children and vaping, a very sensitive issue for many, but when it comes to this very subject, one tobacco advocate believes we shouldn’t play politics, and now it seems he has a research study to back him up.

Simon Clark from Forest, a tobacco advocacy group has been a lone voice stating that banning e-cigs to those aged 16-17 was and is counterproductive.

Now, a new report suggests that banning e-cigarettes to under 18’s actually increases the under 18 smoking rates, and by a statistical significance of 0.9%.

Clarke wrote, “If the primary aim [of public health] is to discourage children from smoking combustible cigarettes it makes little sense to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to those aged 16 or 17. Setting the minimum age of sale for e-cigarette devices at 16 rather than 18 would distinguish between two very different nicotine delivery systems. It might also nudge those teenagers who are tempted to smoke towards electronic cigarettes in preference to the potentially more harmful combustible cigarette.”

Simon Clark feels that vaping advocates are deliberately distancing themselves from tobacco, as they see the tobacco involvement in the industry as detrimental to vaping, and so will endorse legislation such as an under 18 ban to do so.

Children and vaping raises many emotions.  Some strongly believe that the under 18 ban is vital, and indeed many in the industry have been voluntarily not selling to this age group for many years.  It is now the law that e-cigarettes are not sold to those under 18 in England.

29th October 2015, 10:19