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E-cigarettes and Calls to The National Poisons Information Service


The National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) has released figures for the year 2014/15. Within the report is a small section regarding accidental exposure to e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

Stating an increase of calls of 18%, the actual figures are not quite so alarming, increasing from 204 in 2013 to 241 in 2014. There were no fatalities relating to e-cigarettes, though there was one PPS 3 or severe poisoning.

85% of the calls regarding e-cigarettes were due to accidental exposure, with a quarter of all calls, over 50 of them, relating to young children under five.

Interestingly there were 9 cases of people mistaking e-liquid for eye drops, and 14 people attempted suicide with e-liquid, though all fourteen failed.

Nicotine can be fatal, and every person using an e-cigarette must be aware that it has to be treated with caution and respect, kept away from children and pets and stored in childproofed containers.  However it must also be remembered that the poison is in the dose.

To put these figures into more perspective, the NPIS in the same year also received 412 calls regarding liquid washing powder capsules, 257 calls regarding reed diffusers, and 3498 regarding pesticide exposure. 

5th November 2015, 15:17