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E-cigarettes Become Less Attractive if You Remove Pleasant Aspects of Them

Non smoker tries vaping for a month without being addicted

The ECITA blog has looked this week at a study done in Florida, that confirms that e-cigs become less appealing, the more the pleasant aspects of vaping are removed.

This is not a surprising find, but lends credence to all that many vapers have been saying for a while now.

It is unclear if the research asked the following question, or if ECITA asked it of the research in light of the proposed ban on public vaping in Wales, but either way the very important question was asked, that of   ‘how much will a ban on the use of e-cigs in public places reduce their appeal to smokers and existing e-cig users?’

The answer is according to the post, by about 20%.

Participants were asked to give a monetary value – in this case a dollar, to a feature of the e-cigarette, i.e. the flavoured e-liquid, where the e-cigarette can be used, and if it would help with smoking cessation etc.

Not surprisingly as each feature was removed, the value of the product plummeted. Flavours were found to be important to vapers, but not so much to those that dual use; which is smoking and vaping.

ECITA concluded their post by stating, ‘The extent to which the restriction in use devalues the products to current users and smokers highlights the potential risks associated with public place bans – such as that proposed by the Welsh Government… A regulatory approach which damages the value proposition of e-cigarettes to both vapers and smokers is not precautionary, instead being an action likely to cause harm.’

12th November 2015, 14:58