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The number of smokers asking for NHS help to quit is falling


As reported in the Daily Telegraph, experts from University College London say that current user trends of smoking cessation services is likely to fall from 800’000 users to only 400’000 this year.

This fall has been attributed to e-cigarettes, with a growing number of people turning to them. E-cigarettes are gradually being shown to help people move away from tobacco, with credible studies backing up this trend and supplying reasons why.

The latest study from Italy concluded, “One in two smokers could give up traditional cigarettes, with a significant reduction in respiratory impairment, thanks to a guided use of the electronic cigarette.” When the 4-month trial reached its end, there were 50% of the smokers that were vaping and had totally stopped using any tobacco. With the smokers who were left, 24% of them were continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, while only 26% had just gone back to the regular smoking.”

A second study, recently published online had similar findings. Published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, it demonstrated that smokers who are able to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day are more likely to eventually quit smoking.

This dual use of smoking and vaping is how many e-cigarette users begin, and is a normal part of the vaping journey.

The experts concluded that smokers want more choice. They want and need alternatives and e-cigarettes are providing this.

So one has to ask, is this fall in users simply market forces in action?

18th March 2015, 11:26