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Fewer adults dying due to smoking related diseases.


Less people over the age of 35 are dying in England due to their smoking habits, though hospital admissions linked with smoking are rising slightly.

One has to wonder, is this due to medical advancements, or other reasons?

The Media are using the angle that it is the smoking ban that is responsible for the fewer deaths, stating that after a full decade – from 2003 to 2013; the death rate has fallen by 2%.

This 2% quoted is the same rate that the smoking rates in Europe have also fallen, with e-cigarette use increasing dramatically, with now an estimated 2.6 million vapers in the UK alone.

The Anti Smoking lobby have been luke -warm in their reception of this latest smoking related news. This could possibly be because they too are feeling the change not only in  the number of smokers now vaping, but also due to the stringent austerity cuts that are threatening their and other’s  livelihoods.

Hazel Cheeseman, policy director at Ash, said: “Death and illness from smoking continue to remain unacceptably high despite falling smoking rates. It is worrying that a time when the NHS is facing real funding pressures smokers are getting less help to quit than they were five years ago.

“Helping people to quit smoking is one of the most cost effective healthcare interventions and helps to save both lives and money.”

Cheeseman recognized the rising use of e-cigarettes, though she still suggest that people should use evidenced based NRT, that has an evidence base of a 90% fail rate after one year.

Mike Hobday, director of policy for the British Heart Foundation, said: “These figures show current strategies to help people quit smoking aren’t going far enough … The government urgently needs a new strategy to help people stop smoking. With tobacco companies continually raising their prices, this needs to include an annual levy on these companies to fund tobacco control and stop smoking services to help support people to quit.”

Perhaps instead of taxing everything, they should look at the positive evidence regarding e-cigarettes?

4th June 2015, 16:24