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Cancer research UK’s latest figures disprove gateway theory.

cancer research

Research produced by Cancer Research UK and unveiled at the UK Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Conference, reflects earlier findings that show regular use of e-cigarettes is extremely rare among young non smokers.

1’205 children aged between 11-16 took part in a UK wide survey, with only 12% reporting they had ever tried an e-cigarette.

Regular use of e-cigarettes among that age group fell even lower, with less than 2% reporting monthly use, and only 1% reporting weekly use.

The 2%  that reported regular use were already smokers.

Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK Scientists said,  “There’s a common perception that the rise we’ve seen in the use of electronic cigarettes will lead to a new generation of adults who have never smoked but are dependent on nicotine. This fear is based on the expectation that due to the appeal of the products, children who have never used tobacco will be attracted to e-cigarettes and start to use them regularly. 

“Our survey is in line with others in the different parts of the UK that show this is not happening. Young people are certainly experimenting with e-cigarettes, some of which do contain nicotine. However, our data show that at the moment this experimentation is not translating into regular use.”

Alex Cox, the director of cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK said, “ These data on electronic cigarette use in youth suggest that e-cigarette are not serving as a gateway to tobacco.”

19th June 2015, 14:20