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Tobacco Control makes fun of vapers.


A cartoon that was published in the latest issue of Tobacco Control Journal makes fun of vapers, calling them idiots.

Yet one has to wonder at the stupidity of this cartoon.

Reducing tobacco consumption and switching to a much less harmful alternative, in an attempt to save ones own life should not be the subject of ridicule.

This cartoon plainly exposes the belief systems of many of those in tobacco control. It is obvious that they have not gotten past the initial knee jerk reaction of someone exhaling what looks like smoke; it is obvious they have not looked at the research nor engaged with vapers.  It appears they have not gotten past their contempt for a section of society that is doing nothing else but partaking in a completely legal habit.

Dr Siegel, a prominent vaping advocate wrote about this issue on his blog and stated:

“We all need to have a sense of humor in our work. However, dying from smoking is not a laughing matter. Neither is being addicted to cigarette smoking and being unable to quit. Nor is being fearful of dying prematurely because of an addiction that you cannot easily overcome. When smokers try to quit by switching to e-cigarettes, it is a very serious matter. Its about their health and their lives. I dont find it something to joke about. Nor do I think it is appropriate to call those people idiots because they are forced to go to such extremes to try to break the smoking addiction.”

27th July 2015, 11:47