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How would you like your own personal e-cig team this January?


How would you like your own personal e-cig team this January?

Then switch over with us, and you’ll have a much higher chance of keeping that New Years Resolution.

Switching with us is like having your own personal e-cig team encouraging you all the way. We’ll help you start out with our new vaper service, this will ensure you have the right device for you, and you’ll know how it works from the very beginning. Then, if you keep vaping for 30 days straight, we’ll reward you with £15 to spend on your next purchase.

You know that changing to vaping will change your life, but did you know that vaping is also far cheaper than smoking, on average around £2000 per year cheaper? Plus e-cigs have been proven to be less harmful than smoking, and you won’t smell like an ashtray.

Vaping is just different enough for you to know that you’re not smoking, but similar enough for it not to be a struggle.

We have plenty of e-cigarettes to choose from, plus an exciting range of e-liquid flavours that will help you stay away from the cigarettes and get 2015 off to an excellent start for you.

We’ve made keeping your new years resolution to switch really easy.

You can find out more by clicking here:

So go on, make 2015 the year you switch, and keep it easy by switching with us!

5th January 2015, 15:09