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E-Cigarette ban overturned at Rugby Club


Warrington Rugby club reverses vaping ban.

 A Rugby club in Warrington have overturned an e-cigarettes ban in their stadium after signing a new sponsorship deal with an e-cigarette company.

Warrington Wolves fans will now be able to vape in the stands whilst attending a game, something they haven’t been able to do for a while.

A club spokesman said: Wolves’ decision to reverse the vaping ban follows a similar decision by the O2 Arena in 2013, when they teamed up with another e-cigarette brand and reversed their own vaping ban, allowing their guests the ability to vape without having to leave the O2 grounds.

“We are firmly committed to helping our fans make informed choices, particularly when it comes to health and fitness.

Obviously the best option is to never smoke at all, but as a percentage of our fans are already smokers, we are pleased to be able to encourage them to consider switching to alternatives by allowing vaping in certain areas of the stadium, as well as providing a branded vapouriser that can be purchased on site.

“We initially introduced the vaping ban as a ‘just in case’ measure, but are now happy to reverse this as more news on the industry comes to light.

The fact that more than two million people in the UK alone have already converted to vaping shows that this is an industry that is here to stay.”

 Cynics are saying that this reversal in opinion of e-cigarettes is all down to the sponsorship deal and the revenue streams that it will create. But whatever the true reason, it is heartening that clubs are revisiting electronic cigarettes and reading about the many benefits for users.

16th January 2015, 15:44