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Truck Drivers from the USA take Vaping Survey


Truck Drivers from the USA take Vaping survey

According to a survey from Overdrive Magazine, haulage drivers in the USA have a staggering 60% smoking rate. As such, the magazine wanted to know about haulage driver’s vaping habits, and how high was the uptake in their demographic?

Asking 1’000 drivers, they asked why were truckers taking to vaping? The overwhelming reply was that e-cigarettes are seen as a less harmful way to deliver nicotine. The survey found that of those that had tried an e-cigarette, 69% were current smokers, 20% were former smokers and only 2% were never smokers.

When it came to dual use, 1 in 5 still had the occasional tobacco cigarette, with 14% vaping because they wanted to stop tobacco altogether, but had no plans to stop vaping.

The high smoking rate amongst haulage drivers is considered to be due to the long hours of isolation and the stress of navigating difficult roads.

Truck Driver owners Andy and Cheryl Anderson, quoted in the magazine, stated they were content with their choice to vape. “I’ve read the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments on the e-juice and everything else,” Cheryl says. “Some say it’s worse, and some say it’s better. I don’t think a lot about it. I made a choice to do it.”

Says Andy, “For me, nicotine just helps me deal with the stress that every driver goes through out here on the road, and I enjoy it. I enjoy this a lot more than I ever did cigarettes. That was more of an addiction. I didn’t look forward to buying a pack of cigarettes back in the day when I was smoking.”

12th February 2015, 13:47