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Cardiologists lash out at misguided information condeming e-cigarettes


Cardiologists lash out at misguided information condemning e-cigarettes.

The BMA last week released an article that stated e-cigarette safety has yet to be proven. This article prompted two world-renowned cardiologists to respond. Dr’s Farsalinos and Polosa responded by stating, “ Scientific evidence abounds and clearly indicates e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.”

The Doctors have made an appeal to the medical community to examine the scientific evidence rather than giving vague and misguided statements that could scare the public away from using e-cigarettes.

Pointing out the failed logic in much of the e-cigarette criticism, but accepting there may be unintended consequences that are as yet unknown, Dr’s Farsalinos and Polosa stated that the BMA’s call to isolate and quarantine e-cigarettes until more research has been done, is unreasonable. They state, “Even for medications, no regulatory agency is asking for long-term safety data before being approved for use.”

Waiting for such trials they say would paralyze the progress of modern medicine.

Both Doctors feel the arguments being currently used against e-cigarettes are misleading, citing recent research into the lethal dose of nicotine, where findings are showing it should be much higher than the current levels, that there is no evidence that nicotine causes cancer and they provided evidence that smokers with Asthma and COPD that have switched to vaping have substantially improved lung function.

4th February 2015, 13:04