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Who is Not Blowing Smoke?


The Californian Department of Public Health (CDPH) has this month launched a $75million campaign against e-cigarettes.

Using TV adverts that begin with images of cigarette packages and the words – “ from the people who brought you lung cancer” – they follow with the word ‘e-cigarette’ and images of people vaping. The advert is very sleek, very suggestive and I don’t think there is one actual credible fact in it.

What the CDPH are trying to do is imply that vaping is as harmful as smoking, and that the Tobacco industry are behind e-cigarettes in order to pedal a drug that according to them is as addictive as Heroin.

However, it is the CDPH that are not being truthful.

Thankfully, to counter this terrible campaign a new website has emerged called It is a site dedicated to providing facts about e-cigarettes and vaping, and to telling the truth. On their site they explain their understanding of why the CDPH is behaving this way and blowing $75million on scaring vapers and potential vapers– and the main reason it seems is money.

With less people smoking, California is allegedly losing out on tobacco tax.

The NOTblowingsmoke campaign has very cleverly taken the CDPH’s graphics and used them to show the untruths the CDPH are putting out – and as a result, campaign has gone viral.

The authors of the site state, “Being misled by the California Department of Public Health while they use our tax money to do so is something everyone, not just users of vapor products, should be concerned about. If you want to learn more about the reasons why you are being mislead, please feel free to browse our articles on the subject. We will be adding fresh content on an ongoing basis.”

9th April 2015, 10:30