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Vaping, is it manlier than smoking?


So asks Andrew Shanalan for the Telegraph Newspaper.

Fans of vaping are, according to Andrew saying that the attraction of vaping goes well beyond the fact that it is a less harmful alternative to smoking. Apparently it plays straight into the love men have for gadgets. It also plays into the joy they get when tinkering with them.

It is this love of tinkering that has led to a vaping ‘sport’ called Cloud Chasing, where vapers join up to compete in the ‘who can blow the biggest thickest cloud competitions’. There is though a real science and art behind it , with specially designed e-cigarettes, atomizers and special techniques. Judges look at the thickness of the cloud, the size of the cloud and the time it stays in the air.

Areas such as sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing are said to be very much male dominated, due to the technical element. The high-end rebuildables have been dominated by 90% of all purchases being made by men.

Another interesting fact to emerge is that roll up smokers and pipe smokers take to vaping much quicker than most, and again this is put down to the fiddle factor.

Women seem to be more drawn to the slim and stylish e-cigs, and like those that have a degree of bling to them such as those decorated by Swarovski crystals. However, not to be left out in the cold with innovation, it is women that are fuelling the explosion of different flavours within the e-liquid market, with many men simply preferring the tobacco flavours.

24th April 2015, 15:21