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Plain Packaging. 4’442 reasons it won’t work for cigarettes or e-cigarettes.


Researchers from Imperial College London, Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Crete have co-authored a report regarding the effectiveness of plain tobacco packaging.

Their conclusion is that plan packaging will not stop people from starting to smoke.

Published in the European Journal of Public health, the study involved 4’442 current and former smokers aged from 15 – 39 years old, with the smokers living in 27 EU member states, meaning a very broad cross section of smokers.

The researchers asked  - what made the smoker start smoking?

The reply options were:

Your friend smoked, your parents smoked, you liked the packaging, or you liked the smell/taste of tobacco.

The results showed “No significant association between design and marketing features of tobacco products and an early initiation of regular smoking was observed (OR = 1.04; 95%CI 0.83–1.31).”

In other words it wasn’t the packaging that prompted people to start smoking.

It is interesting to note that the Anti Tobacco Lobby have managed to push through plain packaging with the police against it due to tobacco smuggling (and they have been proven right), civil liberties groups against it and now science has proven that it is an utterly pointless exercise. Packaging dos not cause people top take up smoking.

Unfortunately plain packaging could be carried over to e-cigarettes.

This report is conspicuous in it’s silence in the main stream media, no one in Public Health appears to be discussing this on social media – yet the study appears robust and done by eminent scholars. One has to wonder why is this not being more widely reported?

20th April 2015, 14:25