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Switch over to electronic cigarettes with TECC


The Electronic Cigarette Company is encouraging smokers to switch over!

Vaping, as e cig users call it, is the act of inhaling on an electronic cigarette, has been proven to be less harmful than smoking, is cheaper than smoking and is socially far more acceptable with the only aroma being an array of delightful flavours.

For many that smoke, and even for those that enjoy smoking, electronic cigarettes have proven a surprising accidental gateway away from tobacco, with many also finding a welcoming community to guide them through their first steps when switching.

The Electronic Cigarette Company is encouraging smokers to switch their tobacco habit and take up vaping, and as such, they are challenging new customers to try e-cigs for 30 days. Designed specifically for those new to vaping, The TECC Switchover challenge asks smokers to try an e cigarette of their choice for an entire month, with successful customers rewarded with £20 credited to their online TECC account.

Many experts in the media refer to E cigarettes as a quit smoking device, but Tara Murray from The Electronic Cigarette Company said, “Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. We do not sell our products as a quit smoking product, but as an alternative that is enjoyable and less harmful. Most people when they take up vaping are pleasantly surprised, and some stop smoking altogether simply because their e cig tastes nicer. We only sell our products to existing smokers, but knowing how much e cigarettes have changed many lives for the better, we are delighted to encourage new vapers to join us.”

25th September 2014, 14:38