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E Cigarette market crashes in Spain due to negative propaganda


An interesting article in the English speaking Spanish press has described the collapse of the e-cigarette market in Spain.


According to the Spanish Vaping Group ‘ANCE’, the number of vape shops has fallen from 3000 to just 300 within the space of 12 months.

The reason for the crash, according to the newspaper is down to intense lobbying from the Pharmaceutical Industry that is against e-cigarettes.  The Pharmaceutical Industry has seen their profits from NRT almost half in some countries due to e-cigarettes.

However the paper and the vaping group don’t just lay the blame at the foot of the pharmaceutical giants, they also explain that poor service in many vape shops has also been a contributing factor. Many Spaniards apparently felt e-cigs were magic bullets for quitting smoking, and didn’t realise the change in habit that would be required, nor the patience needed when first switching. The shops it seems didn’t pass this on either.

The Pharmaceutical Industry has been pushing hard for stringent regulations for e-cigarettes, essentially to give them a level playing field, however in 2013 the EU decided against medical regulations, and so NRT now has to compete with an alternative that is not medicinal, and one that many people prefer.

The vaping group ANCE claim there are 900,000 Spanish vapers to date. We can only assume they are currently purchasing all their vaping products online.

7th November 2014, 11:19