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Title: Vaper Sues New York City over Electronic Cigarette Ban

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As new electronic cigarette rules and regulations are being proposed on what seems like a weekly basis, many vapers around the world will be wondering what they can do to help the industry. These conscientious vapers can look to New York citizen Russell Wishtart for inspiration.

Supported by an advocacy for smokers group, Wishtart is suing New York City over its ban on vaping in public. Wishtart and NYC CLASH have filed a lawsuit against the city stating that council members overstepped their authority when banning the use of electronic cigarettes in all places where smoking is banned. Wishtart argues that the council members purposefully ignored public statements that documented the differences between electronic cigarettes and tobacco products.

The group believes that they can overturn this decision on the technicality: ‘Every local law shall embrace only one subject’. The one subject that the NYC Smoke-Free Air Act embraces is the banning of smoking cigarettes in public. Electronic cigarette use in public is a completely different matter and Wishtart and NYC CLASH believe that it should be treated as such.

Wishtart believes that New York City council members are persecuting vapers and using public health as a shield despite no solid evidence supporting this stance. The ban was hurried through by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who included electronic cigarette use in the NYC Smoke-Free Air Act despite the fact that electronic cigarettes patently do not emit any smoke. 

NYC CLASH are a group dedicated to helping ensure that smoking bans and restrictions don’t get out of hand and all regulations are considered and fairly measured. The group initially only involved itself with cases directly relating to tobacco products but have recently taken to electronic cigarette advocacy as many of their members enjoy vaping.

Electronic cigarette consumer groups such as CASAA have already donated money to help the cause of Wishtart.

21st March 2014, 15:34