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E Liquid - as toxic as washing up liquid?

E liquid at present has certain hazard warning labels on the packaging due to its CLP classification.

Due in part to this the new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) that will come into force in 2016, has stipulated that e liquid can only be sold in 10 ml bottles, and that no e liquid can be higher than 20mg, unless it has a medical licence. However, a new toxicology report has thrown all this upside down.

ECITA – the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association commissioned an independent toxicology report on e liquid, and it seems that someone right at the start of regulating e cigs got the maths wrong, and e liquid has been misclassified ever since. CLP stands for classification, labelling and packaging, and it’s there so that EU regulations are aligned and can facilitate the communication of products that contain hazardous chemicals.

At present, e liquid is classified as a category 2 product, the same as strychnine, or a category 3, the same as formaldehyde.

According to the new findings it should be in category 4, which is the same category as washing up liquid. Within this category, e liquid that is 2.5%, or 25mgs in strength, doesn’t need a hazard warning label.

These findings will have ramifications and implications for the implementation of the TPD. ECITA made sure they triple checked the results with top scientists, and even asked shouldn’t e liquid, though it is really in category 4, be moved up and then we are being super safe?

The answer was no, because the CLP system is there for a reason, and if e liquids hop about – confusion ensues. If it is category 4, it should be treated as such.

It would appear that the TPD have taken the toxicity of pure nicotine, and have used that classification, instead of independently testing e liquid to get the correct classifiation, the way ECITA have done.








2nd July 2014, 13:46