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Is it, or was it a mistake to call the e cigarette, a cigarette?


 The Manager of one ciggie-like company believes that having the word ‘cigarette’ as part of the name of the e cig was one of the biggest mistakes the Industry has made. He prefers the term vaporiser.

 But is he right? Has the name obstructed the growth of the Industry, or brought more regulatory attention to it?

 The e-cigarette industry is thought to be worth around £1.7 billion globally, which sounds a vast amount, but pales into insignificance when compared to the £411 billion that the Tobacco Industry makes.

 E cigarette usage has tripled in the UK to over 2 million since 2012, but some are now arguing that the entrance of Big Tobacco has blurred the lines, adding to the regulators concerns, and that the name has only added to these worries.

 But has the name played its part? Has having the connotation with cigarettes actually fuelled their popularity? Has it helped smokers to switch, because due to the name it is perceived as an alternative to smoking, not a completely new concept or an NRT?

 Some though are arguing that the name has simply added to the quandary of whether Public Health can endorse a product; even agree that it could be on prescription on the NHS, should it be granted a medical licence. How can they ethically agree to a product that is called a ‘cigarette’ and is now manufactured by the Tobacco Industry?

 Would calling it a vaporiser make is just a bit easier for them? Would a medicinal name make them feel better, would it better describe the function of the e cigarette?

 Unfortunately these questions are all conjecture and supposition, and we will never know the answer to these questions, because e cigarettes are called e cigarettes, and have been right from the start. .

2nd July 2014, 13:46