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King of Leon Targeted by Airport Security over E Cig


King of Leon Targeted by Airport Security over E Cig

The bassist of stadium rock band Kings of Leon, Jared Followill, suffered an embarrassing moment in a Dubai airport as security guards accosted him and threatened him with imprisonment for bringing an electronic cigarette into the United Arab Emirates.

The Middle Eastern country has very strict laws, banning electronic cigarette use and its airport security waste no time in approaching vapers. Followill had his e cig confiscated as he entered the country with the rest of his bandmates.

The bass player was unaware of any laws prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in Dubai – being used to rules permitting him to vape freely. He took to Twitter (as is the wont in celebrity culture) to retell his close shaving with the e cig police: “Just had the life scared out of me at security in Dubai. Apparently it’s not just my bros who think e-cigs are uncool. Almost locked up abroad.”

The United Arab Emirates implemented a ban on electronic cigarettes after they decided that their use would undermine the anti-tobacco endeavours of the country’s municipality. Earlier this year the city placed a ban on smoking in many public places, although these restrictions are not as strict as many other countries.

Smoking is now restricted in Dubai to just certain areas of restaurants, shopping centres, hotels and cafes whereas electronic cigarettes have been hit with a harsher ban – banning their use and sale throughout the country. These rulings are catching out a large number of holiday-makers who are unaware that such strict rulings exist in the United Arab Emirates. Airport security has been tasked with the job of identifying passengers travelling with electronic cigarettes in their luggage, confiscating the e cigs and giving a warning to the travellers.

Fortunately for Followill, he is now back in the US, where he can get his hands back on his trusty e cig, for the next leg of their world tour. 

14th January 2014, 11:01