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Study Indicates that Electronic Cigarettes do not Present a Threat to Heart Health


Greece based heart specialist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has presented a case study monitoring the effects of electronic cigarettes on the heart and blood flow which indicates that vaping produces no known adverse results.

In his case study presented to the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2013 Congress; Dr Farsalinos displayed his research that attempted to determine whether electronic cigarettes were harmful to the coronary flow velocity reserve (CFVR) and the coronary vascular resistance index (CVRI). In layman’s these two terms refer to the maximum increase in blood flow in the arteries and the resistance placed upon blood flowing through the veins respectively.

Dr Farsalinos employed the help of 60 participants to help with the research. The participants were split into two even groups of 30, one group were tested before and after smoking traditional cigarette and the other group tested before and after using an electronic cigarette. The vaping group demonstrated no change in their CFVR and CVRI. In contrast, the smoking group demonstrated a decrease in both factors, by 16% and 19% respectively, which can be potentially dangerous to health.

This is the second year in a row in which the doctor has present evidence to the congress paying testament to the safety of electronic cigarettes. Last year Dr Farsalinos’ research studied the effects of electronic cigarettes on left ventricular function, blood pressure and heart rate in 40 participants. The short-term results demonstrated no ill-effects leading Dr Farsalinos to brand electronic cigarettes as ‘significantly less harmful compared with tobacco.” He continued to explain that this research served to back up other evidence that is currently available.

Dr Farsalinos went on to discuss the vastly reduced effects of using electronic cigarettes.

 It (electronic cigarette use) is recommended for smokers as an alternative to smoking to reduce consumption or to quit," said Dr Farsalinos. “Both formaldehyde and acrolein have been found [in e cigs]. They are produced in the heating and evaporation process, so they are not present in the liquid, but in the vapour. But the levels in electronic cigarettes are from 10 to 400 times lower compared with tobacco. The same was observed with nitrosamines, which are approximately 500 to 1000 times lower compared with tobacco cigarettes.”

11th September 2013, 15:35