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MEPs Join Forces with Vapers to Reverse Proposed E Cig Regulations


MEPs Join Forces with Vapers to Reverse Proposed E Cig Regulations

The recent decision by the European Parliament to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal products from 2016 has been met with widespread criticism from Europe’s vaping community. If these proposed regulations were to pass, it would severely restrict the industry and the products available to the general public. Now European vapers have been backed by members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who oppose these proposed regulations.

Protesters gathered outside the European Parliament in Brussels to demonstrate against these proposed regulations and were joined by the MEPs who opposed the decision. The decision to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal products was made earlier this year but may still be reversed before coming into effect.

One MEP who is hoping that the decision is reversed is Yorkshire and Humber MEP, Rebecca Taylor who believes that electronic cigarettes can have a positive impact.

“I believe e-cigs are a vital weapon in the war against tobacco,” said Ms Taylor. “There is a real danger that medicines regulation will weaken this weapon considerably. I will fight all I can to prevent that. We should be helping those who want to quit smoking, not pushing them back to tobacco.

“It was great to meet other campaigners in Brussels. I would encourage all those who are concerned about potential overly stringent regulation of e-cigs to make their views known.”

Her sentiments demonstrate the split opinions within the European Parliament regarding electronic cigarettes and how they should be regulated. Despite a vote indicating that the majority favour regulating e cigs as medicinal products, there is a growing number of MEPs who strongly oppose the proposal.

North West MEP Chris Davies has long been opposed to the proposed regulations and has dovetailed with Ms Taylor.

“I’ve been working with my fellow Lib Dem Rebecca Taylor MEP to get a sensible EU approach to making sure that e-cigarettes are safe and not marketed to children but also making sure they are at least as available as tobacco,” said Mr Davies. “I’m shocked that the MHRA have now come up with this proposal that would see tobacco on sale in supermarkets but e-cigarettes potentially restricted.

“Hundreds of ex-smokers have written to me to say how e-cigarettes have improved their lives and got them away from tobacco. I’m sure the MHRA have good intentions but the outcome of their over-regulation would be more people smoking tobacco.”

Europe’s 7 million vapers will be hoping that Ms Taylor and Mr Davies are successful in their mission.

26th September 2013, 14:04