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The Electronic Cigarette Company News!




As usual this month our newsletter is jammed packed with information, fun, top tips but also something serious, as e-cigs are under threat from the EU and we need your help.

First up though, who won last month’s competition, and what were those answers?

Last month’s Quiz answers:

1. Who invented the electronic cigarette? Hon Lik

2. What year was The Electronic Cigarette Company formed? 2008

3. The Electronic Cigarette Company is an official UK distributor for which leading manufacturer? Joyetech (a lot of you answered TW so we also allowed that)

4. How many starter kits are available on the TECC website? 12 (most of you didn’t count the compact kits so we allowed 10 as an answer)

5. What is the difference between a standard and a low resistance atomizer? A low resistance atomizer pulls more power from the battery, less resistance = higher voltage, resulting in more vapour production and flavour.

6. What is the name of the TECC cricket? Nicko Green

The clever winners are David Morl, Kevin Miles and Tracey Grey who all win £50 credited to their TECC accounts!



Keep an eye out for exclusive offers, discounts products and more through our birthday month of June when TECC turns 5!!




Hopefully many of you have been following the journey of the EU draft Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), as it is making its way through the necessary 5 EU committees, after which the MEP’s vote on it.

The 5 committees are tasked with reading the TPD and making suggestions and amendments that they feel are relevant. So far, one committee - the IMCO - have agreed with the general basis of the TPD and feel e-cigs should be essentially banned. The second committee, the JURI committee, which is the legal committee, have suggested that electronic cigarettes should not be included in the TPD at all.

Polar opposites!

Last week a ‘workshop’ took place on the 7th May, in Brussels, the purpose of which, in the words of the Rapporteur ( the chair) Linda MCavan – ‘ was to regulate’.

This ‘workshop’ was weighted against e-cigs from the outset, and we have posted on the TW forum comments from a member of the TW team, who watched the entire workshop twice; once live and a second time so he could write the info down for us. You can read his comment here.

Links to the EU workshop recordings are here if you’d like to listen in for yourself.

Here is the link to the presentations that were made at the EU workshop.

One interesting note (of many), is that one of the scientific studies quoted by Dr Pisinger was one where I understand a computer programme was used to trawl various forums, picking out symptoms of e-cig users, and then quantifying them into positive or negative. She even admitted it wasn’t science, yet set it before the ‘workshop’ as though it was. This is the study here

This is Clive Bates’s take on the presentations, (he is the former head of ASH): “The presentations are unscientific advocacy directed against e-cigarettes, full of vacuous conjecture, fabrications, no serious attempt to approximate the scale of risk, no comparisons with cigarettes (the key issue), and grossly overstated uncertainties. In one particularly mendacious slide a disease risk is projected into the future that has been entirely made up.”

Clive Bates has written yet another fantastic post about the ‘workshop’ in the form of a letter to the MEP’s involved, and this can be read here.

Please don’t forget to write to your MP to oppose the EU TPD!  


Have you noticed the website changes?  We have a new and much more informative e-liquid page now, and further improvements continue to be added throughout the website. We hope you like them!


tarastips-battery safety

  • ONLY charge equipment in good condition and specific to your battery type supplied by TECC.
  • Avoid storing or charging batteries in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

  • Transport loose batteries in non-conductive containers, (this means no metal!)

  • Never carry your batteries in your pocket or bag with loose change or keys, as this can damage and even ‘short’ the battery.

  • Never leave charging batteries unattended and keep away from flammable materials.

  • Never submerge batteries in water.
  • Dispose of your batteries responsibly, a designated battery-recycling bin is best and good for the environment.




This months competition is all about your experience with your electronic cigarettes, and how you can help others to choose their device.

 We would like you to write a review about the e-cig you use and why it works for you, what are the best bits, what to look out for, and any useful tricks and tips you use for a smooth vaping experience!

Minimum word count  is 250 - but no War and Peace either please! Closing date is June 5th.

Send your review to:

There will be two lucky winners- who will each win the e-cig kit of their choice! ( eVic anyone??)



This month we are bigging up the small, stylish and very portable Joyetech eRoll kit!

Don’t take our word for it that such a small device can pack a punch… read what Mr Godding has to say about it…

Upon opening the package the first thing you notice is the extras that you get when you buy this kit from TECC; you get an official Joytech UK charger and an extra eRoll Atomizer Body.  These don’t come as standard with the boxed kit, and is really important as it allows you to have 2 full e-roll's assembled at a time, brilliant!

The kit packaging is top quality and would make a perfect gift to any smoker or vaper you may know. Open the box up and you are presented with the beautifully designed e-roll and the usb portable charging unit.  

Assembly and filling are very simple and the e-roll battery is pre charged so you can get going immediately with enjoying your chosen e-fluid.  I opted for the TECC Titan Virginia Blend in strong, its very tasty and gives a very good vapour and has a real kick to it. The draw on the e-roll, as any e-cig is best accomplished by drawing slowly and smoothly and the e-roll gives a very full and rich draw that will please any smoker or vaper.  I used to smoke roll-ups without filters and I find the draw very full and satisfying. I look forward to trying out some of the many other flavours offered by TECC.

On the whole I couldn't be happier with the e-roll kit from TECC. It’s a very well made product, It’s an elegant and premium design and is so compact you can take it anywhere in your pocket and has a very nice draw. I will be buying all my smoking friends and family one as gifts very soon.”

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20th May 2013, 12:30