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Police Force Gives E Cigs Vote of Confidence

TECC news image police

The longstanding stereotype of the stressed police detective with his loose fitting tie, paper cup of canteen coffee and ashtray full of cigarettes disappeared forever following the bans on smoking in public places and workspaces. Now however, policemen from Cambridgeshire have an ideal replacement. The powers that be have thrown their weight behind electronic cigarettes, allowing their bobbies to use the devices whilst working on cases.

The move by the Force Executive Board means that Cambridgeshire police will be allowed to vape at work, providing they are not ‘on the beat’ whilst vaping. But the unglamorous side of the job may now be spiced up for Cambridgeshire’s finest, paperwork and admin may now be accompanied by an e cig.

Not only will this keep the force happy, bosses will be excited to see whether this policy reduces the number of cigarette breaks taken by their staff. If successful, this move could present a myriad of benefits including a happier and more motivated workforce without the lingering odour of tobacco in the offices.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire police revealed: “Following discussion which considered both pros and cons of both visibility and health it was agreed that use of electronic cigarettes would be permitted on police premises although not in front facing areas such as enquiry offices.”

This advent will be great news for Cracker’s anti-hero Dr Edward ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald, seldom seen without a cigarette in hand, who undoubtedly would have been aghast at the moves to ban tobacco in the workplace. After requesting a transfer to Cambridgeshire, Fitz would have free-reign to enjoy Tutti-Frutti and Sex on the Beach e liquids at his desk.

The growing popularity and influence of the e cigarette means that many establishments, businesses and organisations will have to follow the lead of Cambridgeshire police and make a decision on where they stand in regards to the use of the devices on their property. 

6th June 2013, 13:45