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E-Cig Industry Vows to Fight Incoming Regulations

TECC news article

The announcement last week that electronic cigarettes were to be subjected to updated and increased regulations from 2016 sent shockwaves through the industry. Suppliers and vapers alike were incensed to discover that e cigs and liquids are to be licensed (subject to a mandate from the EU) as a medicine and restrictions were to be placed upon production and supply. Now, the e cig industry has vowed to battle the regulations before they come into effect in three years’ time.

Regulating electronic cigarettes as a medicinal product could compromise the industry and essentially ban the product completely. Industry leaders are maintaining that they are not marketing electronic cigarettes as health-conscious alternatives to tobacco and medicinal regulations could have a negative impact upon vapers.

Medical restrictions could lead to lengthy trials and tests, permanently removing many products from the market. Although The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regularity Agency (MHRA) maintain that this move is intended to be in the interest of public health, it could produce counter-productive results. If a number of electronic cigarette products and e liquids are taken off the market, then vapers may decide to switch to more injurious tobacco products. People who are using e cigarettes as an alternative to smoking may be inclined to revert to cigarettes. Furthermore, this decision could lead to the emergence of black market electronic cigarettes.

E Cig suppliers Totally Wicked and TECC have been vehement in their opposition to the regulations and maintain that they will try and get the decision reversed. Business Development Director, Fraser Cropper, revealed:

“In their announcement, the MRHA stated: ‘Smoking is the biggest single cause of avoidable death – killing 80,000 people in England each year’. Cigarettes have been unequivocally proven to contribute to the early mortality of the UK population. During this time, our legislators have been unwilling or unable to ban cigarettes, a product that if it came onto the market today, would without question be prohibited.

“For one million people in the UK, e-cigarettes have and continue to provide a viable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. They have enabled those using them to leave smoking behind, either on a full or part-time basis. These people are now smoking far fewer or no cigarettes. 

“Surprisingly, rather than be applauded and encouraged by the Government as the potential panacea to the smoking epidemic, we get today’s announcement from the MHRA, attempting to stifle the potential of these products and effectively handing over the products concept to the pharmaceutical sector, destroying a safer alternative competitor product.”

Electronic cigarettes and e liquids from trusted and respected manufacturers and suppliers are already subjected to 17 regulations from the EU and UK to ensure that they are safe and meet consumer protection legislation. This move by the MHRA seems to be a bid to control the industry rather than the safety of the product.


26th June 2013, 11:54