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Electronic Cigarettes to be regulated?


On the 19th December it was confirmed that there are plans for the first time to regulate electronic cigarettes and to place larger health warnings on cigarette packaging announced by the European Commission.

The EC planned legislation tightens rules and introduces new measures on how tobacco products can be manufactured.

The commissioner in charge of Health and Consumer policy released this statement: ‘Tobacco Kills half of its users and is highly addictive.  With 70% of the smokers starting before they are 18, the ambition of today’s proposal is to make tobacco products and smoking less attractive and thus discourage tobacco initiation amongst young people.’

Main Proposals

Packaging: Europe will not go as far as introducing plain packaging like Australia but Tar, Nicotine and carbon monoxide information will be replaced with a message stating that up to 70 cancerous substances are contained in Tobacco smoke.  Member states can still introduce the plain packets if they chose to.

Electronic Cigarettes: Products providing nicotine below a certain amount will still be available to purchase unregulated as they are now but with health warnings.  Any electronic cigarettes containing more nicotine levels will have to be regulated in the same way that nicotine replacement therapies are.

There is also a proposal that flavoured tobacco would be banned such as menthol, and any products that contain increased amounts of toxicity and addictiveness.

Online sellers will have to check that products are not being sold to anyone under the age of 18. Special holograms will be introduced to Tobacco packaging to make sure that only products sold in the EU are complying with the European directive.


10th January 2013, 13:00